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Marine Protected Area Planning
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Salmon Protection Workshops
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WaveConnect Wave Energy Projects
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Marine Protected Area Monitoring
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Fisheries Hydroacoustic Working Group
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California Sustainable Seafood Initiative Advisory Panel
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Marine Resources

Oceans are facing an unprecedented set of challenges that can no longer be ignored. The health of marine ecosystems and the quality of ocean and coastal waters are increasingly under threat. Fisheries are struggling to be both ecologically and economically sustainable, and coastal waters are being looked at to help solve today’s energy needs. And all of this is taking place within an increasingly complex context characterized by growing numbers of ocean users, significant gaps in available data, coordination challenges among numerous responsible agencies, complexities of managing resources at an ecosystem level, and uncertainties introduced by climate change. Addressing these challenges requires the effective engagement of policy makers, regulatory and resource management agencies, local governments, ocean-dependent industries, recreational users, environmental organizations and others.

Kearns & West delivers customized solutions centered around stakeholder-focused collaboration and public involvement to achieve marine resource management goals. Our team brings unique process expertise and a keen understanding of the scientific and policy issues that underlie today’s ocean and coastal challenges.

Kearns & West specializes in:
  • Coastal Restoration
  • Ecosystem Based Management
  • Energy
  • Fisheries Management
  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Protected Resources
  • Research and Monitoring Planning
  • Resource Conservation and Biodiversity