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Case Studies

Wind Turbine Guidelines Federal Advisory Committee Consensus Recommendations
Full case study >>

Oroville Facilities Relicensing
Full case study >>

Walla Walla to McNary Transmission Line Siting Full case study >>

Alternative Energy and Alternate Use Program Full case study >>

Hydropower Facilities Licensing Process Review Full case study >>

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Full case study >>

National Wind Coordinating Collaborative
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Western Renewable Energy Zone Initiative
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Global demand for energy is on the rise. As communities struggle to keep up with swelling demand and as the use of renewable energy increases, adequate transmission systems and ample, reliable energy that minimizes environmental, social and cultural impacts is required. Finding and developing domestic energy, addressing changing community and public values, and meeting future needs with aging and innovative infrastructure can create conflict—all of which alters the expectations of stakeholders.

Kearns & West has decades of experience working with stakeholders to develop durable, reliable solutions that achieve lower cost and lower impact outcomes for applicants/energy organizations, while also addressing the environmental, social and cultural needs of communities and other stakeholders.

Kearns & West specializes in:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management
  • Geothermal Policy
  • Hydrokinetic Licensing and Policy
  • Hydropower Licensing and Policy
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Siting and Policy
  • Solar Policy
  • Thermal Power Plant Siting
  • Transmission Line Siting and Planning Policy
  • Wind Energy Policy and Development